Cake Smash and Splash Photoshoot Part 1

Birthday Photographs 

The first part of the Cake Smash is birthday photos. I have a giant number 1, outfits, balloons and decorations. I also have a variety of props that can be used for this as well, such as a chair. 

Cake Smash and Splash Part 2

Themed Photographs 

The second part of the Cake Smash Photoshoot is themed photos involving props connected to the chosen theme. I have a range of outfits, set up's and props used for these photos. 

Cake Smash and Splash Part 3

Cake Smash 

The third part of the Cake Smash Photoshoot is where we provide your child with a giant cupcake which is professionally made by a local cake maker Dolly and Belles. The cake is covered in buttercream which makes it extra messy! Your child is given the freedom to explore the cake in the way they choose. My baker can also cater for allergies and dietary requirements. 

Cake Smash and Splash Part 4

Splash Time 

The final part of the Cake Smash photoshoot is the bath splash time. Here we get your little one nice and clean from all that cake. I have lots of Ducks and we get the bubbles out.


I also provide the bubble bath and towels. 



Close to Norwich and Great Yarmouth 

Cake Smash and Splash Photoshoot  

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