Fruit Splash 

Photoshoot  at Gemerations Photography

A unique, fun and memorable way to capture beautiful portraits of your child is with my Fruit Splash Photography


Babies love to splash around in a warm bath, it’s even more exciting when its full of fruit to eat and explore. A Fruit Splash Photoshoot is great to capture your little one’s personality and its always entertaining to see their reaction when they eat and explore the different fruit. 


If you want some beautiful photos of your growing baby to celebrate different milestones such as them sitting independently then a Fruit Splash Photoshoot is for you. 


A Fruit Splash is also the perfect alternative for to celebrate a 1st birthday for babies who do not like to get messy and is also ideal if you prefer your baby not to eat cake. 

Your little one must be sitting up unsupported for a Fruit Splash photoshoot, and is suitable for older children up to 18 months old. 

Why Book a Fruit Splash Photoshoot with Gemerations Photography? 

The photoshoot consists of three parts to give you a variety of beautiful images. Firstly I start off with some portrait photos of your little one wearing a lovely themed outfit, then they have some fruit to explore, before entering a bath tub full of even more fruit.

I provide everything within the fruit splash photoshoot (props, backdrops, outfits, bubble bath and even the towels!)

All you need to do is bring yourself and your little one. 

Fruit Splash Photoshoots take place in my family friendly home studio near Norwich and Great Yarmouth.


If you love what you see here and would like to book a fruit splash photoshoot please click the button below.


For more information on my fruit splash photography pop me an email or send a text to 07968672949 with the word FRUIT. 

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