Paint Splash


The perfect way to celebrate a 2nd or 3rd birthday for a child who loves being creative & getting messy! 




Children love the chance to be creative and have fun (to be fair so do I!) this photoshoot lets them do both! They get the chance to create their own unique artwork: including decorating a canvas and a canvas bag. This photoshoot is a great way to celebrate a special occasion like a 2nd or 3rd birthday, or is the perfect opportunity to capture some unique portraits of your child, doing something they enjoy.


At this age your child is full of confidence and their personality shines through, so this is the perfect chance to capture a variety of cute, funny and memorable images to last a life time. The photoshoot allows you to sit back and watch the excitement on your child’s face as they have fun with splashing, splattering and smudging the paint. This is a hands-on photoshoot which will be enjoyable for your child from the start as they get to take the lead and explore in the way they want to. 


So if you have a young budding artist who loves getting messy then my Paint Splash Photoshoot would be perfect! 


This photoshoot is for children aged 2-3 years. It is up to 1.5 hours in the studio and is for 1 child. 


Paint Splash Photoshoots take place in my family friendly home studio near Norwich and Great Yarmouth.


If you love what you see here and would like to book a Paint Splash Photoshoot please click the button below.


For more information on a Paint Splash session pop me an email or send a text to 07968672949 with the word Paint. 

1 hr

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