Bath Splash Basket
  • Bath Splash Basket

    Adult supervision is required at all times because the contents of the Bath Splash basket has small parts and are not toys.


    The Bath Splash Basket and a child’s development

    The Bath Splash Basket supports the learning and development of a child in a number of different ways. It provides a multisensory experience, they can taste the water, they can feel the water on their skin, they can grasp the water and explore it using the different toys, they can smell the scent of foam and the bubble bath, there are lots of bright and colourful bath toys for them to look at, there is also of sounds splashing the water and squeezing the water.


    Physical Development-There are lots of objects to move and handle by grasping, pouring, splashing all of which will promote fine motor skills and strengthen hand muscles, as well as promoting hand-eye co-ordination.


    Communication and Language Development-Bath time is a great activity for you to interact and role model language to your child. Talk to them and comment on what they are doing and exploring e.g. the duck is floating on the water, you have poured the water. You could also sing songs with a water theme.


    Cognitive / Mathematical Development-The sieve and bucket will help the child to problem solve and explore early maths concepts such as cause and effect, volume and capacity. You can reinforce this by using words such as more, less, empty or full.


    Personal, Social and Emotional Development-Hands on skin-to-skin touch with your child helps to strengthen the bond between you both, which helps to calm and reassure them. It’s a great activity to promote independence and confidence as you can get your child to help wash themselves with the sponge and involve them in collecting the toys up at the end, all of this helps boost their confidence. It has a positive impact on wellbeing as bath time can aid relaxation, which can help promote better sleep.


    Contents of The Little Gems Bath Splash Basket

    The Basket is made of plastic and typically contains the following items (this list is subject to change depending on availability):-

    -Bath Sponge

    -Bath Foam

    -Pack of Bubbles

    -2 Boats

    -5 Balls

    -Water Sieve

    -Wind up toy


    -2 Bath squirter toys

    -2 Ducks

    -Johnson’s Baby Bath


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    • Shipping Information

      All Baskets are sent as small parcels via Royal Mail as a signed for service. 

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