Messy Chef Basket
  • Messy Chef Basket

    Adult supervision is required at all times because the contents of the basket are for creative and sensory exploration only and are not toys.


    The Messy Chef Basket and a child’s development

    The contents of the basket will help to support a child’s learning and development in a number of ways. Firstly it promotes physical development, because the child will be using their fine motor skills by using their hands to explore the playdough. Creative development will also be promoted as the child will be expressing their own ideas and imagination by discovering and using the objects provided in different ways. It also supports cognitive skills as the child will be learning the properties of different objects in their exploration, such as making shapes and patterns in the dough. 

    Contents of the The Little Gems Messy Chef Basket 

    Each Basket is made of Willow and typically contains the following objects (this list is subject to change depending on availability):-

    One Rolling pin

    One Spatula 

    One Spoon 

    One Pastry brush 

    One Chopping Board 

    Three Silicone Cake Cases 

    Three Tubs of Playdough 

    Six Playdough cutters 

    One Apron 

    One Play dough board

    One Playdough recipe card

    One  Gloop recipe card 

    One Messy mat 


    Please read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing this product.

    • Shipping Information

      All Baskets are sent as small parcels via Royal Mail as a signed for service.

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