Treasure Basket
  • Treasure Basket

    Adult supervision is required at all times because the contents of the treasure basket are for sensory exploration only and are not toys.


    The Treasure Basket and a Baby's Development

    A Treasure Basket can support a baby’s learning and development in a number of different ways. They can support a baby’s learning and development in a number of different ways. Firstly it promotes sensory learning as they explore using all their senses as they look, touch, bang, hold and drop the objects. It helps to support physical development as exploring different objects helps to build and strengthen muscles in a baby’s hands, along with promoting hand-eye co-ordination. It also supports cognitive skills as a baby will be concentrating and learning the properties of different objects through their exploration e.g. size/shape/texture. In addition it encourages independence and confidence as the baby will be exploring unusual objects in different ways.


    Contents of the Little Gems Treasure Basket

    The Treasure Basket contains 25 items, an assortment of wooden objects, metal objects and natural materials to stimulate all of a baby’s senses.


    A Seagrass Basket containing the following (some slight variations may occur in the list below depending on availability)

    Two Feathers

    ​One Fabric Leaf

    One Metal Dessert Spoon

    One Sponge

    One Pine Cone

    Two Loafers

    ​One Wooden Nail Brush

    One Red Metal Jar Lid

    One Metal Pudding Pot

    One Wooden Paint Brush

    Two Wooden Utensils (will either be a spatula, solid spoon or spoon with slits)

    ​One Leather square

    One Fabric square

    One Material Organza bag containing dried orange

    One Log Slice

    One Heart Wooden Coaster

    One Fruit Pattern Metal Jar Lid

    One Fabric Scarf

    One Metal Scoop

    One Wooden Egg Cup

    One Material Organza bag containing a scented tea bag

    One Metal Tin with Lid


    Please read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing this product.


      All baskets are sent out via Royal Mail as a signed for service. 

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