Sitter Photoshoot 

Capture a precious milestone in your baby’s development to treasure forever

Your baby has already changed so much since they were a tiny newborn. Sitting up on their own is the perfect time to capture their growing personality. 


Make the most of the chance to capture these beautiful memories when they will sit still for a photo, as it will not be long before they are running around!


Your baby is very interactive at this age and will have lots of cute facial expressions, which you will want to treasure. 


A Sitter Photoshoot is a great way to celebrate this milestone in your baby’s first year. 


Every baby develops at their pace, but generally a sitter photoshoot is normally booked for when your baby is  6-9 months old. The photoshoot is for when your baby can sit and crawl, but is not yet walking. 


I have a range of different props available to use as part of the photoshoot to compliment your little one. 


To create a fun and comfortable environment I sing songs, make silly noises, have instruments and puppets all to help entertain your little one and keep them happy during the photoshoot. 


Sitter Photoshoots take place in my private family friendly home studio near Norwich and Great Yarmouth.


If you love what you see here and would like to book a sitter photoshoot please click the button below.


For more information on a sitter session pop me an email or send a text to 07968672949 with the word SITTER. 

1 hr

I booked for my son to have a sitter photo shoot with Gemma at Gemerations. I have just got the photos back and they are absolutely lovely. My son unbeknownst to me was coming down with a cold so was very fussy and tired towards the end of the shoot and Gemma was amazing. She is very patient! Her studio is lovely and she had a number of different sets to take different photos from. I will definitely be going back for other shoots.

Stephanie Nixon 

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