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Treat your child to my magical themed fantasy photography whether its Fairy, Pixie, Princess or Pirate its an experience they will treasure forever 


My Themed Fantasy Photoshoot is a truly unique experience for your child, they will love my gorgeous set, props and of course choosing their outfits. 


I transform my studio into different stunning locations; be it the woodland forest, the princess castle, or on the deck of a pirate ship.

I love seeing the children’s imagination coming alive during these photoshoots as they get fully into character, I am often turned into a frog by a fairy with her wand, or asked to walk the plank on the pirate ship! 


I offer the following Fantasy Photoshoots for children aged 2 years to 8 years: Princess, Fairy, Pixie and Pirate.


If you have an older child and want to book a photoshoot, please message me to discuss and I will see if I can find any suitable size outfits.  


This photoshoot is for a maximum of 2 children per photoshoot. When booking please specify which theme you would like (Princess, Fairy, Pixie or Pirate). 


Why Book a Themed Photoshoot with Gemerations Photography?

My Themed Photoshoots are truly magical with stunning backdrops and beautiful unique props. Your child's imagination will come alive as soon as they step inside the studio. 


These photoshoots are wonderful for capturing your child’s personality and imagination when they are transported to a magical fantasy world, full of unique props to explore. 

Themed Fantasy Photoshoots take place in my family friendly home studio near Norwich and Great Yarmouth.


If you love what you see here and would like to book a Themed Fantasy Photoshoot please click the button below.


For more information on my Themed Fantasy Photography pop me an email or send a text to 07968672949 with the word THEMED. 

1 hr

When we turned up my daughter was happy and felt comfortable with Gemma straight away. My daughter is 2years old and anyone who has a 2year old knows how challenging this can be. Somehow between all the “Can I have”s and the patients of a talented photographer, we got some incredibly adorable photos. Gemma was very professional and had many back up props for my little one to keep her happy. Sienna thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and wants to do more. Thank you for these adorable pictures! I will love them forever!

Kerri Lugo 

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